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Gimme Props 2018

An interactive guide for figuring out how to vote on California's ballot measures

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What is this place?

You've entered the magical world of Gimme Props, where CALmatters, that's us, helps you figure out how to vote on 11 statewide ballot measures. This option is the easiest next to no prep at all: You answer a bunch of straightforward questions and find out where you may stand on each prop.

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How this works

To find out how you may want to vote on a particular prop, press enter or tap on the text below to take our matching quiz. It shouldn't take longer than a minute to finish.

You can save your progress by pressing the SAVE icon above, or print out your results by pressing the PRINTER icon. Doing either deposits a cookie on your device with the matching results, and nothing else, so you can come back here with your data loaded!

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Prop 1

a.k.a. $4 billion housing bond cause the rent is too damn high

Prop 2

a.k.a. $2 billion switcharoo to house the mentally ill

Prop 3

a.k.a. Yet another water bond, this time for $8.9 billion

Prop 4

a.k.a. Making it rain $1.5 billion for children's hospitals

Prop 5

a.k.a. $1 billion tax break for seniors who sell home and move

Prop 6

a.k.a. Repeal 12-cent-a-gallon tax on gas that funds roads and transit

Prop 7

a.k.a. Daylight savings forever, if the legislature and feds go for it

Prop 8

a.k.a. Cap profits on kidney dialysis companies

Prop 10

a.k.a. Allow cities to pass, or expand, rent control laws

Prop 11

a.k.a. Private ambulance companies can require paramedics be on call during breaks

Prop 12

a.k.a. Bigger cages for farm animals

Get ready!

Answer each question by swiping right/pressing the right arrow key if you agree with that statement, or swiping left/pressing the left arrow key if you don't agree with the statement. Based on how you answer, we'll tell you what position you may have on the prop. That's it!