Multimedia Projects

Welcome to CALmatters' collection of multimedia projects, including our in-depth series on pressing topics, explainers to help you quickly learn about key issues, and a variety of data interactives, podcasts, and video storytelling.


2018 Election Guide

One-stop shop for what you need to know going into California's 2018 election.

How California got tough on guns

The modern American gun debate began in 1967 in California's Capitol. In the years since, California has enacted more gun control laws than any other state. [...]

Interactives and Data

Disaster Days Database

Wildfires. Bad weather. Dangerous contamination. Explore the emergencies leading to school closures in California.

A Game of College

In this news game about college affordability, play the role of a student as you navigate your way through college as debt-free as possible.

College Affordability Bill Tracker 2019

CALmatters is teaming up with student journalists to track some of the most important college affordability bills working their way through the California Legislature.

Gimme Props 2018

An interactive guide to figure out how you may want to vote on all 11 of California's ballot measures for the 2018 election.

Legislators Like You 2017

There are more white men named Jim in the California Legislature than black and Asian-American women—combined. And that’s not even including another white.

Legislators Like You 2019

California prides itself on diversity. But how representative are members of the state’s Legislature when it comes to key demographics?


Force of Law

A podcast about California's attempts to reduce police shootings.

Gimme Shelter

A look into California's housing crisis and how it impacts you.


Breakdown: Mental Health

Californians now list mental health care as their number one health priority—a testament both to its importance and to the gap between need and reality.

Frayed Wires

California is casting off fossil fuels on its way to becoming a fully electrified state. But it's unclear whether the aging electricity grid can deliver.

Rising Seas

A slow-moving emergency is lapping at California’s shores.